For the second time this year, Russian health authorities have reported an imported Zika virus case in a traveler to the Caribbean country of Dominican Republic. The first case was reported in February.


According to Interfax, Russia’s chief epidemiologist, Anna Popova said, “More than three million people have been examined as of today. A total of 201 people with symptoms of infectious diseases have been recorded. Of them, 39 have been examined for the presence of the Zika virus,” she said.

“As of today, two cases have been confirmed.”

Since the beginning of 2007, Zika virus transmission was documented in a total of 66 countries and territories. Since 2015 when Zika virus was first reported in the Western hemisphere, approximately 228,000 suspected and confirmed Zika virus cases have been reported, according to PAHO data. Estimate, however, a quite a bit higher than official numbers.

The Dominican Republic has reported more than 1200 suspected and confirmed cases during this time frame.