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Seven people were hospitalized in the Voronezh region after another outbreak of anthrax was discovered in the village of Lebedinka, Bogucharsky district.

Bacillus anthracis bacteria

Local officials say they are receiving treatment, their condition is stable and there is no threat to life.

On September 7, restrictive measures in connection with the identification of an anthrax outbreak were introduced on the pasture of a dairy farm (Badalova peasant farm) in Lebedinka.

“On September 5, a man came to the hospital who cut his hand with a grinder. He was suspected of having anthrax, and specialists from Rospotrebnadzor, law enforcement agencies and the veterinary department went to the scene. The head of one dead animal was found and samples were taken from it. Yesterday they showed a positive result, after which quarantine measures were introduced in the Bogucharsky and part of the Kantemirovsky district,” said Deputy Chairman of the local government, Viktor Logvinov.

According to the official, experts took samples from other livestock located on a farm owned by the Badalov peasant farm. To date, 61 samples have shown negative results for anthrax. Now law enforcement agencies are finding out where the farmer brought the cattle from. The man is cooperating with the investigation. Viktor Logvinov added that the animals were not vaccinated.

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The authorities carry out the necessary checks of the livestock, as well as vaccination of unvaccinated animals. There are enough anthrax vaccines in the region.

At the end of August, due to a person contracting anthrax, a state of emergency was introduced in the Paninsky district located in the north of the Voronezh region. The disease was revealed after contact with the carcass of an infected animal: a man on a private farm in the village of Krasnye Holmy slaughtered an unvaccinated cow for meat, and sold the meat to unknown people. The product ended up on the market in the center of Voronezh, which is why the city was quarantined. It is currently cancelled. The circumstances surrounding the entry of contaminated meat into the regional center are being investigated by law enforcement agencies.