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By Jory Lange

Seven people in Bloomington, Minnesota have been infected with Salmonella Braenderup.  The Minnesota Department of Health has linked this Salmonella outbreak to the Green Mill Restaurant and Bar.  Three people became sick after eating at a training event catered by Green Mill.  Four more people became sick after eating at Green Mill itself.

Salmonella bacteria (red)/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

The Minnesota Department of Health reports that, “Food workers infected with Salmonella may have been the source of contamination, but other sources of contamination could not be ruled out” in the Green Mill Salmonella outbreak.  Two food workers at Green Mill did test positive for Salmonella Braenderup.  

The Department of Health also investigated the tomatoes and romaine lettuce served at Green Mill.  “Tomato and romaine lettuce consumption were statistically associated with illness”—meaning that of the people who got sick, more people than expected had eaten tomatoes or romaine lettuce.

Public health investigators identified the following concerns at this Green Mill location:

  • The Victory produce wash was plumbed to the 3-compartment sink. 
  • The paper towel dispenser was empty on the cook line. 
  • An employee was observed touching pizza with bare hands. 
  • An employee was observed rinsing the pizza cutter in the hand sink. 
  • The pressure gauge was not functional on the dish washing machine.