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In a follow-up on the Salmonella situation in Salta province, Argentina, The Salta Ministry of Public Health reported that, in 2021, they confirmed 1,643 cases of salmonellosis in the province.


“Of the total number of cases, 72% were concentrated in the city of Salta and 28% in the interior of the province,” officials said.

According to provincial statistics, children from 0 to 14 years of age are the most affected by salmonellosis, adding 1,008 cases, which is equivalent to 61.35% of the total.

The most affected departments in the province were Capital (1,199 cases), Cerrillos (102), Rosario de Lerma (70), Chicoana (63), Los Andes (40), Cafayate (39), Metán (23), La Caldera (14), La Viña (14) and Molinos (11).