The Samaritan’s Purse doctor who contracted the deadly Ebola virus working in Liberia and was brought back to the United States two weeks ago continues to show improvement, according to the Christian relief organization.

Ebola outbreak
West Africa Ebola outbreak/CDC

Dr. Kent Brantly and SIM missionary, Mrs. Nancy Writebol have been receiving treatment at  Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. At Emory, the patients are being treated in a special isolation unit, called a Serious Communicable Disease Unit, that  was set up in collaboration with the CDC to house CDC scientists and others who have traveled abroad and become exposed to infectious diseases.

This unit has unique equipment and infrastructure that provides an extraordinarily high level of clinical isolation with very different capabilities than are normally provided to isolate patients in other hospitals. It is one of only four such facilities in the country. 

In an update on Dr. Brantly’s condition, here are his own words Friday:

As my treatment continues in the isolation unit at Emory University Hospital, I am recovering in every way. I thank God for the healthcare team here who is giving me compassionate, world-class care. I am more grateful every day to the Lord for sparing my life and continuing to heal my body. There are still a few hurdles to clear before I can be discharged, but I hold on to the hope of a sweet reunion with my wife, children and family in the near future.

Thank you for your prayers for Nancy and me. Please continue to pray for and bring attention to those suffering in the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa. Their fight is far from over.

Read  chief nurse for Emory Healthcare, Susan Mitchell Grant’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post Aug 6.