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Since early 2017, San Diego County health officials have reported 333 hepatitis A cases in the local outbreak, 70 percent requiring hospitalization.


Health officials also reported an additional fatality, bringing the total to 11.

The County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency reports the outbreak investigation is ongoing and note some difficulties contacting many individuals sickened with the illness who are homeless and/or illicit drug users.

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To date, no common source of food, beverage, or other cause has been identified; as a result, the source of the outbreak remains undetermined.

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Health officials remind the public that hepatitis A can be prevented with a safe and effective vaccine and recommend the following people should get vaccinated:

  • Individuals who are homeless.
  • Individuals who work with homeless and/or users of illegal drugs.
  • Travelers to countries with high or medium rates of HAV.
  • Men who have sex with men.
  • Users of injection and non-injection illegal drugs.
  • Individuals with chronic liver disease, such as cirrhosis, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C.
  • Anyone who is concerned about HAV exposure and wants to be immune.
  • Persons with clotting factor disorders.