Health officials in San Joaquin County, CA learned Friday that a individual from another county who ate at a Stockton restaurant on Mar. 22 had measles.


Anyone who ate at the Royal Indian Cuisine, 7610 Pacific Ave., between 5 and 10 p.m. on March 22 is asked to contact Public Health Services at (209) 468-3822.

Two days prior, California health officials reported on a measles case in an unvaccinated Nevada County child.

Measles is very contagious and is spread through the air. People who have not had measles or have not had the measles shot can get measles and spread it to their friends, family members, and others in the community.

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Measles is a very serious disease and usually begins with fever (as high as 105°F), cough, runny nose, and red eyes. These symptoms are followed by a rash that starts at the head then spreads to the chest and then the legs.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, stay home and away from other people, and call San Joaquin County Public Health Services immediately at (209) 468-3822. If you require medical attention, please call the healthcare facility before you arrive so that measures can be taken to prevent spread of measles.