Scotland health officials reported on the confirmation of eight measles cases in the Edinburgh area in the last two weeks, prompting health officials to ensure they are vaccinated against the very contagious virus.


The majority of these cases have links to the University of Edinburgh. NHS Lothian is getting in touch with people who have been in contact with the confirmed cases and is setting up clinics for those requiring an MMR vaccine.

In all the recent Lothian cases, the individuals had not completed the full course of measles vaccine.

Professor Alison McCallum, Director of Public Health and Health Policy, NHS Lothian, said: “It is crucial that people have two doses of the MMR vaccine. Children and young people may have missed out on one or two doses when they were younger and we would urge parents to get their child or children immunized with MMR. We would also encourage young people who have missed out on MMR previously to get themselves immunized.”

Vaccination is the most effective way to protect people against measles infection. Two doses of the Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine are required for effective immunity. The first dose of the vaccine is routinely given to children aged 12 to 13 months. The second dose is normally given before school entry. However MMR vaccine can be given to individuals of any age.