New Nectar Shades Have Arrived

In a follow-up on the chickenpox outbreak among football players at San Diego State University, local media reports say that two additional players have been infected and yesterday’s practice was cancelled in an effort to get the situation under control.


San Diego Union-Tribune sportswriter, Kirk Kenney tweeted yesterday–Cases of chickenpox with players has increased from three to five now. Practice postponed to scrub weight room, locker room.

He also notes that the university is not releasing the names of the two newly infected players.

SDSU head coach Rocky Long said last evening, “We’re canceling practice so that they can thoroughly clean the weight room and locker room and disinfect it so that we can have a clean environment tomorrow morning to help the spread of the virus. There are five confirmed cases now and, hopefully, this will help stop the spread of it. I’m sure it will. … This will eliminate it being in there tomorrow morning.”

As of this morning, there is no information concerning this outbreak posted with the county health department.