The likely norovirus outbreak centered around the Russell Investments Center at 1301 Second Avenue in downtown Seattle has affected more than 200 people, according to officials with Public Health – Seattle & King County today.


The survey health officials administered has been closed as the investigation continues. They note based on the numbers of ill people, the spread of the illness and the symptoms described, we believe this is a norovirus outbreak. A few people have reported being tested for norovirus by their healthcare provider, and we are following up with them to confirm lab results.

On Monday, health officials announced the closure of several food establishments within the Russell Investments Center to include Starbucks, Bon Appetite and Chip and Drew’s.

Health officials said they will be reinspecting the food establishments tomorrow. If they pass, they will be allowed to re-open.

In addition, public health is requiring that food establishments and the building as a whole perform and document a daily cleaning and sanitation routine to prevent further illness.