For the second time this month, Peru health officials report (computer translated) a confirmed measles case in the country. The National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Diseases of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) says the case is a 16-year-old adolescent living in the city of Juliaca, Puno.


Health Minister Dr. Abel Salinas Rivas, who said that the child would have been infected because he travels constantly to various areas of the Altiplano.

The first confirmed case of measles since 2000 was detected on March 2 of this year in a 46-year-old man who lives in Callao and traveled to Puno between February 5 and 14. At the moment, epidemiological control actions were activated in parallel in Callao and Puno.

Health officials located the people who had contact with the adolescent in the last days, including the health personnel who treated him at the Carlos Monge Medrano Hospital in Juliaca, all are symptom free.

Rivas noted that all epidemiological alerts are still active in health facilities in that region.