Serbia health minister: ‘Pandemic will not be solved without mass vaccinations’

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Serbian Minister of Health Zlatibor Loncar stated Tuesday that 47.8 percent of citizens have been completely immunized so far.

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Loncar also pointed out that the problem with the coronary virus pandemic will not be solved without mass vaccination, and that the most important thing now is to vaccinate as many young people as possible so that the upcoming period can be safe.

“We have not yet reached 50 percent, now we are at 47.8 percent completely vaccinated. In order not to be surprised by something that will surely come, and that is a new wave, we must join the youth vaccination campaign in Serbia,” Loncar said.

He once again appealed to young people to get vaccinated, so that everyone would be safe.

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It is not possible to get out of the pandemic if a sufficient number of citizens, primarily young people, are not vaccinated as soon as possible, Lončar concluded.

2 thoughts on “Serbia health minister: ‘Pandemic will not be solved without mass vaccinations’”

  1. LOL…I suspect those $%^#@!!! pesky spell checkers are at it again. I’m fairly certain the minister is concerned with the “coronavirus” pandemic, rather than the “coronary virus”.

    Meanwhile, Minister Loncar is exactly correct to keep pushing this issue….good for him.

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