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In a talk about the start of the school year in Serbia during the pandemic, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said,

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“The proposal is to start normally, with full  45-minute classes with mandatory masks, and to appeal to all educators to be vaccinated, if they are not, or if they are, to go to the third booster dose, as well as to vaccinate children older than 12”, said Brnabić.

The Prime Minister, when asked how is it possible that with almost 2.000 newly infected people school should start, while last year we sent children with a much smaller number of infected on the online or combined system, she said that it is clear – we must learn to live with this virus.

We now have the best weapon against that virus, and that is vaccination, and we can now talk further about how to stimulate people,” she said. She also pointed out that there are not enough vaccinated people, but in the last week it has been slowly accelerating, she added and says that an important factor now in the fight against coronavirus is the fact that we have COVID hospitals.

When the topic switched gears to vaccination in medical workers–where 34 percent have not been vaccinated, Brnabić said, “If you ask me, 100 percent of them must be vaccinated. The special responsibility lies with them, the Minister of Health has done a lot in that regard, so that medical workers can be vaccinated. A mandatory test has been introduced for those who have not been vaccinated to go to work. But, whether everyone can be forced to be vaccinated is a legal issue and additional consultations with the legal team are needed to see if that is possible”, Brnabic said.

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