By Robert Herriman   @bactiman63

Since our last report on Singapore’s dengue fever situation on May 31, nearly 1000 additional cases have been reported in the Asian city-state.


Through June 19, 5184 dengue cases have been reported. The National Environment Agency (NEA) reports 467 dengue cases were reported in the week ending 15 June 2019, 67 cases more than in the previous week.

The number of weekly reported dengue cases have more than quadrupled in the past 3 months. The number of active dengue clusters have also more than doubled in the past month to 112 (as of 17 June 2019). In addition, the Aedes aegypti mosquito population in the community is persistently high and this increases the risk of transmission of the dengue virus.

In addition, an additional dengue-related fatality was reported. A 84-year-old woman living in Geylang Lorong 6 has become the fifth person to die of dengue fever this year.

Persons infected with dengue should protect themselves from mosquito bites by applying repellent regularly. If you are unwell and showing symptoms suggestive of dengue, you are advised to seek medical attention early.

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The symptoms of dengue include:
• Sudden onset of fever for two to seven days
• Severe headache with retro-orbital (behind the eye) pain
• Joint and muscle pain
• Skin rash
• Nausea and vomiting
• Bleeding from the nose or gums
• Easy bruising in the skin

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