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Officials with the Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) are reporting more than 1,000 dengue fever cases during the first 20 days of 2020.


To date, 1,118 cases have been reported and as of today, there are 100 active dengue clusters reported, with the large dengue clusters located at Begonia Drive, Jalan Bangau, Bukit Mugliston, Cashew Road, Jalan Paras and Gangsa Road.

In addition, Dengue virus serotype 3 (DENV-3) has been detected in clusters at Jalan Bangau, Cashew Road, Jalan Paras and Gangsa Road.

NEA states the high Aedes aegypti mosquito population in the community, current high number of dengue cases, and increase in circulation of DENV-3, could lead to weekly dengue cases rising above current levels in 2020.

They call on concerted community action and sustained mosquito control efforts to prevent further escalation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito population, and an increase in the number of people becoming ill with dengue.

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Officials also remind the public, as the Chinese New Year festive season approaches, homes and other premises will be decorated with more ornamental plants. All stakeholders are urged to take care of these plants and prevent them from becoming mosquito breeding habitats, by making sure that water does not accumulate in the flower pot plates or on top of the hardened soil. Homeowners doing spring cleaning are also reminded to properly dispose of any refuse, including large furniture or household items, to avoid the discarded materials from becoming unintentional mosquito breeding habitats.

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