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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a total of 296 cases including 6 deaths have been recorded in the Ruzizi health zone in the southern part of South Kivu province during the past month, according to local media.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo/CIA

According to health professionals in this part, this disease is due in particular to the lack of access to drinking water.

They point out that the most affected by this epidemic are the Burundian refugees at the Sange transit camp.

“ From week 47 to date, this area has already recorded more or less 296 cases. Most cases come from the Nazareno health area in the refugee transit camps. This is the consequence of a low supply of drinking water and non-compliance with hygiene measures ,” explained Togera Étienne, communication officer for the Ruzizi health zone.

He pleads for the rehabilitation of Regideso facilities which have been damaged by the overflow of river water.

It should be noted that the cholera epidemic continues to claim victims in several parts of the province of South Kivu. Last week, at least 5 inmates died of cholera in Kamituga central prison in Mwenga territory.

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During the first 11 months of 2022, 14,145 suspected cholera cases including 247 deaths (CFR: 1.7%) were recorded in 97 health zones across 17 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Suspected cases have mostly been reported from South Kivu (4,734), Haut-Lomami (2,664), Tanganyika (2,825), and North Kivu (2,388).

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