According to the Korean Centers for Disease Control- KCDC  today (computer translated), a 61-year-old male patient who visited Kuwait was diagnosed with Middle-East respiratory syndrome (MERS). This is the first case reported in South Korea since 2015.


He returned home Friday from a business trip to Kuwait from Aug. 16 to Sept. 6. He was hospitalized right after the trip showing symptoms of fever and phlegm and has since been receiving quarantine treatment at Seoul National University Hospital in central Seoul.

Samsung Seoul Hospital immediately separated into emergency room screening room, and after reporting symptoms, fever, sputum and pneumonia symptoms, it was reported to the health authority as a suspected patient, transferred to the nationally designated quarantine hospital and sampled and collected by Seoul Metropolitan Institute of Health and Environment.  The result was confirmed as MERS coronovirus positive.

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The Disease Control Headquarters and the Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted questionnaire surveys with the Incheon International Airport Quarantine Office and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, including flight crews.

The Disease Control Headquarters and the Seoul Metropolitan Government are currently in contact with airlines and visiting medical institutions to identify the contact persons, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government Local governments are actively managing contacts.

A total of 20 contacts, including 1 quarantine officer, 1 immigration officer, 3 flight crew, 10 passengers, Samsung Medical Center, 4 medical staff, 1 family, etc.have been identified.