The South Jeolla Livestock Sanitation Office reported this weekend that the highly-pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), H5N8 has been detected at a duck farm in Hampyeong, South Jeolla province.


South Korea

According to a Korea Joongang Daily report yesterday, approximately 42,000 ducks at the farm were immediately culled after word of the virus.

In an attempt to contain the bird flu, an additional 2,000 chickens at the poultry farms located within a 500-meter (0.3-mile) radius were also slaughtered, officials said. All farms within 10 kilometers of the infected farm were also ordered to cease transporting their animals to outside regions for the next 30 days.

The province experienced an outbreak earlier this year when over 2 million ducks were culled. For more infectious disease news and information, visit and “like” the Infectious Disease News Facebook page