The nursing assistant who contracted Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) treating the late Ebola infected priest, Manuel García Viejo, in late September, has tested negative for the lethal virus and a second test is necessary to determine the presence or absence of virus in the body.


The viral load is now “zero”, said Romero family spokeswoman, Teresa Mesa, who had been given the news of the results of Mrs. Romero’s latest PCR test by doctors at the hospital

Manuel Cuenca, microbiology director at Madrid’s Carlos III health care complex, says a second test in the coming hours is needed to absolutely confirm Romero’s recovery.

44-year-old Teresa Romero, the first person to contract Ebola outside of Africa, tested positive for Ebola two weeks ago Monday.

Romero has been in quarantine at a Madrid hospital since becoming infected. Her complete recovery may last for days to weeks, officials note.

Romero had treated two patients who died of Ebola at Carlos III hospital. The first, Father Miguel Pajares, contracted the disease in Liberia and died on Aug. 12 despite having been treated with the experimental drug ZMapp. The second was Father Manuel Garcia Viejo who died, aged 69, on Sept. 25.