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The Spain Ministry of Health has seen coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19 deaths more than double since Wednesday.

Image/Spain MSCBS

Health officials report 122 deaths Friday, up from 54 on Wednesday. More than 80 deaths have been reported in Madrid alone.

To date, the total case count has risen to 4,231 with about 2,000 cases in Madrid. The Autonomous Communities of Madrid and La Rioja; the municipalities of Labastida-Bastida and Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country) and Miranda de Ebro (Castilla y León) are areas with evidence of community transmission.

The Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, has announced, in an institutional declaration, that the Council of Ministers will meet tomorrow with extraordinary character to agree on the state of alarm throughout Spain for a maximum of fifteen days.

Sánchez said, “At the meeting scheduled for tomorrow, the extraordinary Council of Ministers will adopt a series of exceptional decisions under the declaration of the state of alarm to be decreed tomorrow. These decisions will be aimed at mobilizing all the resources of the State as a whole to better protect the health of all citizens. Economic resources, health resources, both public and private, both civil and military, for the protection of all citizens, particularly those who are most vulnerable to the virus due to their age or other prior procedures. And also to respond to the social and economic emergency with maximum agility and forcefulness.

“We want the maximum coordination of resources, efficient and guaranteed of the set of public administrations, and its best operation. The Government of Spain will protect all citizens and guarantee adequate living conditions to stop the pandemic with the least possible damage.

“We are only in a first phase of the fight against the virus that is being waged by all the countries of the world and, in particular, our continent, Europe. Very hard weeks await us, as I said at the beginning of the week. We said that difficult days would come and we took measures to meet that difficulty and it cannot be ruled out that in the next week we will unfortunately reach the more than 10,000 affected.”