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The Spain Ministry of Health is now reporting more than 72,000 COVID-19 cases, with an additional 8200 cases reported in the last 24 hours. In addition, 5690 deaths were reported as of Friday.

The Autonomous communities of Madrid (21520) and Catalonia (14263) continue to report the most cases in the country.

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The National Police and Civil Guard, with the support of the regional and local police, will intensify their presence and will increase the control points located at the entrances to and from cities and on Spanish roads this weekend to prevent undue displacement that violate the limitations on mobility imposed by the state of alarm.

Throughout last Thursday, eighty people were detained for breaching the confinement conditions provided for in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Friday, after the intensive efforts of the Spanish Embassy in Venezuela, this morning a flight to Madrid from Caracas landed that has facilitated the return of a total of 376 European passengers. Of these, 136 are Spanish who traveled with, among others, 60 Italians, 45 Germans, 24 French, 14 British, 13 Portuguese, 5 Poles, 5 Danes, 4 Slovaks, 4 Dutch, 3 Greeks, 3 Croats and one Swede. The operation led by our Embassy in Venezuela, and in collaboration with the rest of the European embassies, contemplates the repatriation from Spain to their countries of origin of the rest of European citizens that will be done through the diplomatic representations that each one has in Spain. .

Two flights from Peru will be added to this flight, where the Spanish Embassy has managed to authorize operations despite the airspace being closed to commercial flights. While other countries, such as Germany, have not yet received formal authorization to take a plane to the country, the planes managed by Spain are waiting to carry out operations to be carried out from a Military Base because the Lima airport remains closed. With these two operations, a total of 600 Spanish tourists will arrive in Spain.

Separate mention deserves the case of Cuba where there are 1,115 Spaniards registered as Spanish tourists while that figure was a week ago of 2,345 Spaniards, that is, that in recent days 1,320 tourists have left. However, of the tourists who remain on the island, where confinement measures have begun to be adopted, only 95 Spaniards had addressed the Consulate to express their intention to travel to Spain, of whom 51 would have left the country.

On the other hand, the flight chartered by Spain is expected to arrive in Spain tomorrow after the activation of the European Civil Protection Mechanism and which will make three stops (El Salvador-Guatemala-Honduras) to return with 334 Spaniards on board, as well as numerous Europeans and that he left Madrid with 39 Guatemalans on board.

With the operations planned from Bogotá (Colombia), the two from Quito (Ecuador) that will stop in Guayaquil to pick up passengers and return to Madrid, the two from Buenos Aires (Argentina), one from Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and the other from Panama City (Panama), the figure would comfortably exceed the 4,000 tourists who will have managed to return home thanks to the efforts of our Consulates and Embassies.