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The Territorial Health Service of the Territorial Delegation of the Junta in León has detected an outbreak of trichinosis that, for the moment, affects 16 people related to hunting , due to the presence of larvae in a wild boar sausage that, apparently, could have shared.

Trichinella spiralis parasite
Trichinella spiralis cysts

On April 19, the Rapid Diagnosis Unit of the León University Assistance Complex (Caule) detected a patient with symptoms compatible with trichinosis, which was confirmed after the pertinent serological analysis.

The patient indicated that he was part of a group of hunters from the Omaña region and that they usually get together with another group of hunters from the Tremor area where they share food and make sausages.

Based on this information, technicians from the León Territorial Health Service, from the Epidemiology and Health Protection Section, began the investigations. To date, 26 people have gone through the Rapid Diagnostic Unit. There are currently 16 people with clinical symptoms compatible with trichinosis already undergoing treatment. Of these, four already have serological confirmation, while the results of the other twelve are awaiting. The possibility of more cases is not ruled out.

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