A day after it was reported that a Spanish priest who contracted Ebola in Liberia was to receive the “experimental serum”, ZMapp, hospital officials announced today that he had died.

Ebola virus/CDC
Ebola virus/CDC

ABC News reports that 75-year-old Miguel Pajares died Tuesday at Carlos III Hospital in Madrid. The hospital received a course of ZMapp, but it is not clear whether the priest received the treatment.

Two American missionaries, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, are the only others that have received the experimental treatment.

The Guardian is reporting that two doses of ZMapp are on their way to Liberia to be administered to two Liberian physicians stricken with Ebola. They would be the first Africans to receive the antibody treatment.

The US government confirmed that it had put Liberian officials in touch with the maker of ZMapp, Mapp Biopharmaceuticals. Reports on US television say that the company announced it is out of the experimental serum.

The total Ebola Virus Disease cases and fatalities since the outbreak surfaced in the February-March time frame is now 1,848 and 1,013, respectively. For more infectious disease news and information,visit and “like” the Infectious Disease News Facebook page