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Health officials in the city of Camaçari in Bahia State, Brazil is reporting a nearly 500 percent increase in human Sporotrichosis cases, prompting calls to make the fungal mycosis a mandatory notifiable disease, according to a G1.Globo report (computer translated).

Sporothrix schenckii/CDC
Sporothrix schenckii/CDC

For the period of 2015 to 2017, a 475 percent increase in cases have been reported. In 2017, 23 cases of the disease were confirmed. In 2016, there were 16 cases and inn 2015, there were four confirmed cases. This year, there are already two cases registered in three months.

The Municipal Health Department has filed a petition for inclusion of the fungal disease in the mandatory public network notification list so all suspected cases would be registered.

Sporothrix is a subcutaneous mycosis in Brazil, a disease that strikes humans and cats. The disease is transmitted by soil and, therefore, known as “gardener’s disease”. A wounded hand or foot can be the gateway to the fungus.

However, infected animals, especially felines, can also transmit the fungus to humans through direct contact with the animal’s injured skin.

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