In a follow-up to a report last week, the Blountsville, Alabama Spring Valley Beach Waterpark will reopen today, according to park officials.


They posted the following on their Facebook page Friday: “We have been cleared by the Alabama Department of Public Health to open as scheduled tomorrow August 20th. We will be open as scheduled Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm. We thank you for your patience and continued support.”

The Alabama water park was closed last week due to the possible presence of the protozoan parasite, Cryptosporidium, or “Crypto”under the advice of state health officials.

The Alabama Department of Public Health has cleared the reopening of the Spring Valley Beach Waterpark in Blountsville on August 20. Park management voluntarily closed the facility on August 14 following reports of contamination that may have been present in its pool.

During the week, the park took corrective action to hyperchlorinate its pool in an acceptable manner and has measured the chlorine content of the water on consecutive days in various places in the pool. “Based on the actions taken by the park management, we believe this does not present a public health concern at this time,” Lem Burell, public health area environmental director.

The closure followed reports from individuals who visited the park July 2 and July 31. Two of the individuals tested positive for a parasite that causes an illness called cryptosporidiosis.