The number of people in eastern Sudan affected by an “acute watery diarrhea” is multiplying over the past week as Sudanese health officials put the outbreak at 3,084 and the death toll has risen to 57, according to a Sudanese media report.

Sudan map/CIA
Sudan map/CIA

Those affected are primarily in the states of Blue Nile, Sennar, and Kassala, and in the northern Nile River state.

In a joint statement from medical doctors and health care workers, political opposition parties, and civil society organizations on Sunday, they demanded the government declare a “health emergency” in the country, and the provision of the necessary aid in the affected states.

In addition, they called on the Health Ministry to immediately intervene in order to prevent the disease from spreading to other regions, and to regularly update information about the size of the epidemic as well.

The exact etiology of the outbreak has been reported.