SUNY Geneseo’s Health and Counseling Center has confirmed a case of mumps in a student who is presently living off-campus. The center is working closely with the state and local health departments, our partners in all public health threats which may affect our campus community.

The student with the confirmed case had received the recommended two measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine doses. However, as seen in recent mumps outbreaks, a second vaccine dose does not guarantee immunity as strength of the vaccine may wane over time. Also variant strains of the virus could be a factor.

The few students who have never been immunized are required to leave the campus for a minimum of 26 days for their own protection as they are most at risk for contracting mumps. If a new case of mumps is confirmed, the 26-day period restarts for everyone who has not been immunized.

School health officials say the campus is not quarantined.