Recent research has revealed the worldwide spread of a very serious antibiotic resistance to a “last line” drug, colistin, which is linked to use in agriculture. Infectious disease specialist and Forbes contributor, Dr. Judy Stone joined me on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show on Sunday to discuss the issue, which she wrote about in a couple of articles in Forbes.

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Dr. Stone explains what the mcr-1 gene is, where it’s being seen, the latest research and the serious implications. Read more by Dr. Judy Stone at Forbes.

In addition, I always enjoys featuring the infectious disease websites, blogs and the people behind this important media.

In the second half of the show I was joined by founder, Michael Diamond and co-editor, Andrew Duong to discuss this new, innovative website that publishes quality articles on the topics of infection control and prevention.

We discuss the unique beginnings, goals and features of the website and how people can get involved in this important project. Read more at

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