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The Sweden Public Health Authority reported five additional COVID-19 cases Thursday, bringing the country total to seven.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The news cases were reported in Västra Götaland (3), and one each in Uppsala Region and Stockholm region.

It was expected that we would receive new cases of infection in Sweden. So far, all cases of COVID-19 have been linked to travelers, directly or indirectly through close contact with an infected person and we currently do not see any general spread of infection out in the community, says Britta Björkholm, Head of Department at the Public Health Authority.

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It is very important that anyone who comes to Sweden from any of these areas or who has had close contact with people from these areas is careful to stay home if you feel sick. You should contact the healthcare service and do so by phone, says Britta Björkholm.

Two of the people in Västra Götaland have had close contact with the person who was previously infected. They have been detected through active infection detection. The third person has been infected during a trip in northern Italy. All have been disposed of according to current routines. Contact tracking on the cases is ongoing.

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The person in Uppsala has been infected during a trip in Germany. The patient is now receiving care in accordance with the applicable procedures.

The person in the Stockholm region was infected during a trip in Iran and is now being treated in isolation at the Karolinska University Hospital’s infection clinic, according to the region’s routines.