A norovirus outbreak at a elderly care facility in Ljungby, Sweden has been linked to imported frozen raspberries, according to the Livsmedelsverket, or National Food Administration (NFA) of Sweden (computer translated).

Red raspberries/Lyudmilla Mishonova
Red raspberries/Lyudmilla Mishonova

This has prompted officials to advise to boil imported frozen raspberries in a minute before they are eaten.

NFA says it is not uncommon for imported frozen raspberries to be contaminated with norovirus.

It is especially important for the elderly and people with compromised immune systems because they risk becoming seriously ill from a norovirus infection. Fresh imported raspberries and Swedish raspberries has not, however, linked to some outbreaks of norovirus.

Boiling Council also applies to companies and caterers who use frozen foreign raspberries as an ingredient in foods that will not be heat treated, for example, smoothies, desserts and pastries.

The norovirus outbreak in Ljungby has prompted Martin & Servera to withdraw frozen raspberries. Several people have fallen ill and three died after eating a Raspberry parfait containing frozen raspberries delivered to Ljungby municipality of Martin & Servera.