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Moderna vaccines (Spikevax) contain more active substance, mRNA, than Pfizer’s vaccine, which can have a more powerful effect on the immune system.

Public domain image courtesy of Lisa Ferdinando, U.S. Department of Defense

The Swedish Public Health Agency recommends that the regions in Sweden give half a dose of Moderna’s vaccine to those who are vaccinated with a supplemental dose: people living in special housing for the elderly (SÄBO), people with home care or home care decided by the municipality and everyone who is 80 years and older.

The vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech, Comirnaty, can be given in full dose even when given as a supplement.

People who are recommended a booster dose due to a weakened immune system are advised to receive a full dose of either Comirnaty or Spikevax. In general, the immune response is not as strong in these people during vaccination and thus no increased risk of side effects is seen.

Recommendation for the upcoming flu season

Within a few weeks, the regions will begin work on vaccinating people in risk groups against influenza and pneumococci. The Swedish Public Health Agency has decided on the following recommendation for when different doses of vaccine can be given:

  • Vaccination against covid-19 and the standard dose of influenza can be given at one and the same time, but not in the same arm.
  • Vaccination against covid-19 and high-dose influenza vaccine should be given at least seven days apart. The same applies to vaccination against pneumococci. Covid-19 vaccination should be given priority and given first.

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