By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

Sweden’s Public Health Authority, aka Folkhalsomyndigheten reports that the number of coronavirus cases in the country has risen to 12.

On Friday, three regions reported a total of four new cases of COVID-19 in Sweden. It is Region Stockholm with two cases, Region Jönköping County one case and Region Uppsala one case. Västra Götaland has also had one more case.

In Stockholm, the individuals are cared for in isolation at the Karolinska University Hospital’s infection clinic according to the region’s routines. In total, three people in the county have so far been tested positive.

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The persons are linked to the case that was confirmed on February 27 in Stockholm and have been found through active infection tracking.

So far, hundreds of people have been sampled in the region and three of these have been found to carry the virus.

Region Stockholm reports the Karolinska University Hospital’s infection department has a good capacity to both isolate and treat patients infected with infectious diseases.

– We are prepared for this situation. In health care, we are used to managing infectious diseases. The patients who are now being cared for were discovered through active infection tracking and this shows that our procedures for detecting infected persons have worked, says Elda Sparrelid, chief physician in the Stockholm region.