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A person in the Stockholm region has been confirmed infected with monkeypox, Folkhälsomyndigheten, the Swedish Public Health Agency reported today.


Health officials are now investigating together with the regional infection control units if there are more cases in Sweden.

During the spring, an unusual number of cases of monkeypox have been found in Europe. According to the European Infection Control Agency (ECDC), virus transmission appears to have taken place through sexual contact between men who have sex with men in the case of cases in the UK. The infection is not considered highly contagious, but close contact is required for it to be transmitted. Sexual contact is a risk.

The person in Sweden who has been confirmed to be infected with the virus is not seriously ill, but has received care. We do not yet know where the person became infected. Investigation is ongoing right now, says infection doctor and investigator Klara Sondén at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

The Swedish case has been reported to the World Health Organization WHO and the European Infection Control Agency ECDC. The most common disease symptoms in monkey pox are fever, swollen lymph nodes, general malaise and rash with blisters. In European cases, the skin problems have often been reported to be localized to the genitals, groin and the skin around the anal opening.