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Swedish health officials report that the Salmonella Agona outbreak is over.

Salmonella bacteria (red)/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

A total of 35 people in Sweden were reported sick in the outbreak with Salmonella Agona, mainly people in Norway (just over 70) but also people in the Netherlands and Great Britain. Of the Swedish disease cases, 24 women and 11 men aged 3-86 years (median age 37 years) belonged to 13 different regions. The majority fell ill, as did the outbreaks in other countries, during the first weeks of November. No outbreak cases have been reported since the turn of the year.

The Norwegian investigation pointed to cucumbers from a Spanish supplier as the most likely source of infection. Epidemiological information regarding what the Swedish cases ate before becoming ill has given some support to this theory and the same supplier has also supplied cucumbers to Sweden during the outbreak. However, no suspect product has been able to be analyzed, which is why microbiological evidence for what was the source of infection is missing.

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