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The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued a health advisory recently for Centre County after reporting a 300 percent increase in syphilis cases in Centre County.


Centre County reported a 300% increase in Early Syphilis from 3 cases in CY 2020 to 12 cases in CY 2021.

Of the 12 cases of Early Syphilis reported, the following was noted:

  • 58% reported a previous STD infection prior to their reported syphilis infections such as previous gonorrhea or chlamydia infection.
  • All the cases reported in CY 2021 were reported in males.
  • A high proportion of the male cases (83%) reported the risk factor of men who have sex with men; however, these cases also reported heterosexual partners as well.

In addition to the reported 300% increase in Early Syphilis, Centre County also reported a 11% increase in gonorrhea from 54 cases reported in CY 2020 to 60 cases reported in 2021. Of the 60 gonorrhea cases reported in CY 2021, the following was noted:

  • 83% of the cases were reported in individuals under age 30.
  • 48% were reported in females.
  • In response to the increase in syphilis, providers are strongly encouraged to expand syphilis
    and HIV testing in the community to include all individuals being treated for a chlamydia or
    gonorrhea infection.