Taiwan’s biggest dengue fever outbreak ended the year at more than 43,000 cases, nearly triple last year’s total of 15,732 cases. The good news is the outbreak has slowed dramatically with only 51 cases reported on Thursday, primarily in Kaohsiung City.

Taiwan map/CIA
Taiwan map/CIA

In Kaohsiung City, health officials say dengue activity has decreased fro five consecutive weeks. Kaohsiung City saw nearly 20,000 cases in 2015.

Tainan City, which reported the most cases in 2015 at 22,752, has not reported a case since Dec. 29.

To date,  a cumulative total of 212 deaths, including 112 deaths in Tainan City, 97 deaths in Kaohsiung City, and 3 deaths in Pingtung City, were found to be linked with dengue infection.

Health officials advise travelers to going to southeast Asia to take precautions against mosquitoes as although slowing, dengue fever is still rampant. 357 imported dengue cases have been seen in Taiwan this year, mostly from neighboring countries.