Taiwan health officials have seen more than 100 new locally acquired dengue fever cases during the past week, bringing the country’s total to 432 cases since the beginning of the year and 330 indigenous dengue cases since May.


Of the 124 total dengue cases reported during the week of July 28 and August 3, 2015, 114 of the cases were autochthonous, or locally acquired.

Tainan City accounted for nine out of 10 of the cases that week with 102 local transmission cases, while 10 were confirmed in Kaohsiung City, and 1 each was confirmed in Chiayi County and Pingtung County.

Tainan City has now reported 251 indigenous dengue cases since May. The number of newly confirmed cases reported in Tainan City last week is 1.3 times more than that reported the week before last week, reaching a new record over the last decade.

Most cases (85) were reported in North District, accounting for approximately 75% of the total. The epidemic is showing signs of expansion to the surrounding districts.

The dominant strain of dengue depends on locality, according to the CDC. Currently, DEN-2 is the dominant strain circulating in Tainan City, while DEN-1 is the dominant strain circulating in Kaohsiung City.

When a patient has been infected with different types of dengue virus, the chance that the patient will develop severe dengue is increased.

The public is once again urged to reinforce the removing of vector-breeding sites in and around their residences to ward off infection and ensure their own health and the health of others.


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