Taiwan health officials reported (computer translated) an additional five cases of Japanese encephalitis in the country prompting calls to strengthen anti-mosquito measures in high-risk places and vaccinations for children.

Image/Taiwan CDC
Image/Taiwan CDC

The cases were recorded in Bade District and Pingzhen District of Taoyuan City, Sanchong District of Xinbei City, Renai Township of Nantou County and Changhua County. Four of the patients have high-risk fields such as pig houses or paddy fields near their homes.

The Department of Diseases and Diseases pointed out that five new cases were between 34 and 56 years old, and the onset date ranged from June 30 to July 16. There were many cases of fever, disturbance of consciousness or unconsciousness during the onset of illness.

To date, Taiwan health officials have seen 31 confirmed cases  including 8 cases in Kaohsiung City, 3 cases in Taoyuan City, Changhua County, Nantou County, Chiayi County and Tainan City, 2 cases in Xinbei City, Yilan County and Hsinchu County. There are 1 case in Taichung City, Yunlin County, Pingtung County and Hualien County.

This compares higher to recent years–The number of confirmed cases of Japanese encephalitis between 2014 and 2017 was 13, 26, 16, and 21.