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In a follow-up on the locally-transmitted dengue fever situation in Taiwan, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced Friday a new case of local dengue fever.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

The case, a male in his 40s living in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City developed fever, muscle aches, and diarrhea on September 11, 2022, joint pain and other symptoms, went to the doctor and was hospitalized on September 12 and September 14 respectively, and was diagnosed with dengue fever after being notified by the hospital. The case is currently under observation in hospital.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the case has no recent history of foreign travel, and the main venues of activities are the home in Zuoying District of Kaohsiung City and the work place in Fengshan District.

According to the statistics of the CDC, there have been 18 local cases of dengue fever in Taiwan so far this year, including 16 cases in Kaohsiung City and 2 cases in Taichung City.

In addition, 33 imported cases have been reported–Vietnam (20 cases), Indonesia (6 cases), the Philippines (2 cases), Singapore (2 cases), Thailand (1 case), Myanmar (1 case) and Honduras (1 case).

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