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In a follow-up on the local dengue transmission in Taiwan, the Taiwan CDC reports there are now eight local cases, all in Tainan City.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

In response, CDC director Zhuang Renxiang, Mayor Huang Weizhe of the Tainan City Government, Director Su Shibin of the Health Bureau, and Dr. Huang Jingji of the National Research Center for Prevention and Control of Mosquito-Borne Infectious Diseases jointly inspected the work of dengue fever prevention and control in Tainan City and visited grassroots clinics.

Director Zhuang first inspected the place where the case occurred and the surrounding areas, the environmental management and the removal of breeding sources in high-risk areas such as the case activity site and the market. Director Zhuang emphasized that the prevention and control of dengue fever is closely related to the living environment of the people. In addition, it is also necessary for all the people to mobilize to remove breeding sources inside and outside the house and do a good job in environmental management.

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Then they visited the grassroots clinics that actively reported suspected cases. I expressed my affirmation and gratitude to the clinic doctors who took the initiative to inquire about the activity history and used the NS1 rapid screening reagent to test, which effectively shortened the hiding period of the cases. I also ask the Tainan City Government to spread the word and call on the medical center In case of suspected symptoms, please strengthen TOCC inquiries and use NS1 rapid screening reagents in a timely manner.


After the inspection by Director Zhuang, he further discussed and improved with the Tainan City Government Health Bureau and the National Mosquito-Borne Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Research Center. In the future, he will continue to strengthen the monitoring and notification of suspected cases, implement epidemic investigation and breeding source inspection, and chemical prevention and control. , and evaluate the effectiveness of the prevention and control. It is hoped that through the cooperation between the central government and local governments, cross-unit contact and coordination will be strengthened to control the epidemic as soon as possible and protect the health of the people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminded that it has now entered the dengue fever season, and there has been continuous rainfall in various places recently. The public is requested to implement “patrol, pour, clean, and brush”, and strengthen the inspection of the internal and external environment of the home and the removal of breeding sources after the rain to reduce the density of vector mosquitoes; Please wear light-colored long-sleeved underwear and use government-approved mosquito repellent when doing outdoor activities. In case of suspected symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, rash, etc., you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible and inform you of your travel history.