In a follow-up on the measles cluster in Taiwan, health officials report additional cases over the weekend. The Disease Control Department announced Saturday (computer translated) the addition of two confirmed cases of measles in the country, one of which is a woman in her 40s in the north.

Another confirmed case was associated with this measles cluster infection. It was the female flight attendant in the 30s who was previously listed as a contact person.

On Sunday (computer translated), Department of Disease Control announced two new confirmed cases of measles, one of which was a man in the 20s in the northern part of the country. He has no recent history of going abroad and a history of vaccination.

Another case was a caregiver in their 40s who was admitted to hospital in the northern part of the country and was contacted by the nursing staff during the communicable period before the diagnosis was made. The case may be considered as a secondary infection in the case of overseas transference.

This brings the total measles cases in Taiwan to 22 (15 locally acquired and 7 imported).