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The Taiwan CDC reported on the first confirmed case of Zika virus infection in 2020. The case was a male in his 40s in the north who traveled to Thailand with his family from January 25 to 30, and from February 6 to 11. During the day, he successively sought medical treatment for symptoms such as sore throat, rash, and body aches.


A total of 25 cases of Zika virus infection have been diagnosed in Taiwan since 2016, all of which were imported overseas.

Thailand has reported a total of 8 cases as of February 13 this year.

The Department of Disease Control said that the general symptoms of Zika virus infection in adults are mild. Zika virus infection in pregnant women may cause fetal microcephaly or death. Reminding pregnant women and pregnant women who are planning to suspend travel to Zika virus endemic areas; Take measures to prevent mosquitoes, such as wearing light-colored long-sleeved clothes, applying mosquito repellents approved by government agencies on bare skin, and living in premises with screens, screens, or air-conditioning. After leaving the endemic area, please implement the “1 + 6 principle”: blood donation should be suspended for at least 1 month, and men and women should take safe sex (using condoms correctly throughout the process) and postpone pregnancy for at least 6 months, regardless of symptoms. Mosquito measures for at least three weeks.

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