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The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on the country’s 4th monkeypox case in a male in his 40s in the south who went to Canada in mid-September 2022, and then went to the  United States, on September 28, symptoms such as rash, low-grade fever and chills appeared on the body on September 30. It was seen by medical personnel on Oct. 5.


When entering the country, the above-mentioned symptoms were reported by the airport quarantine personnel, and he was evacuated to the doctor by the airport quarantine personnel. After the evaluation by the doctor, the test report was obtained. It was confirmed to be positive on Oct. 9  and is currently being isolated and treated in the hospital.

The CDC stated as of October 9,  a total of 36 suspected cases have been reported, and 4 confirmed cases were imported from abroad (1 in Germany and 3 in the United States). 32 cases were excluded.

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