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The Taiwan CDC reports the fifth confirmed case of monkeypox in the country is a man in his 30s in the north who has a history of traveling abroad from January to February of this year (2023).


He developed blisters, rashes, sore throat, joint pain and Symptoms such as body aches and pains, after being evaluated by a doctor, they were tested and reported. On February 15, he was diagnosed as positive and judged to be an imported case from abroad.

He is currently being treated in isolation in the hospital; a total of 39 related contacts have been listed through epidemic investigation, and health education has been carried out.

As of today, a total of 45 suspected cases have been reported, and 5 cases have been confirmed as imported (1 case in Germany, 3 cases in the United States and 1 case in Austria), and the remaining 40 cases were excluded.

Officials remind travelers overseas to inform airline personnel and the airport port quarantine personnel if you have fever, skin lesions such as rashes, pimples, blisters or pustules and other suspected symptoms when you return to the country.

The CDC has procured and allocated antiviral drugs and monkeypox vaccines for use by eligible persons.