The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC) announced five new measles cases confirmed in Taiwan, including 4 cases related to the recent cluster. For the fifth case, the source is still under investigation.


The disease onset dates for the cases is between April 13-14. They are employees of two different airlines.

As of today, a total of 12 measles cases associated with the cluster, including the index case, have been confirmed.

On April 18, Taiwan CDC sent colleagues to Taoyuan International Airport to brief the staff there on the latest update concerning the ongoing measles outbreak and the potential areas at risk for infection, as well as provide relevant prevention measures for them to follow in order to stop further transmission of the disease.

To prevent further transmission of the disease, the local health authority has implemented a number of prevention measures and identified 2,978 contacts to monitor and follow up until May 6, 2018. In addition, Taoyuan International Airport has recently performed disinfection of the office areas where the cabin crew work at.

Travel health and medicine issues

According to the domestic surveillance data compiled by Taiwan CDC, thus far this year, a cumulative total of 18 measles case have been confirmed, including 12 indigenous cases and 6 imported cases.

Taiwan CDC once again reminds that vaccination remains the best way to prevent infection. In Taiwan, the existing routine childhood vaccination schedule recommends a dose of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine to children 12 months of age. Unvaccinated infants and children, those who do not receive vaccine in a timely manner and those who have never been infected with measles are high-risk groups.

Parents are urged to ensure timely vaccination of children under one year old and those who have not completed the MMR vaccine series and avoid bringing unvaccinated children to the affected areas in order to prevent infection. Adult travelers planning to visit affected areas are also advised to visit the outpatient travel clinic at contracted hospitals in the nation to determine the need for MMR vaccination 2 weeks prior to their trip.