Officials with the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported today on an imported measles case determined to have been contracted in Thailand. The patient is a 9-year-old boy who resides in Hsinchu City.


During July 21 and 27, 2016, the case traveled to Bangkok, Thailand with his parents. After returning to Taiwan, he developed fever and nausea on August 4. During August 6 and 9, the case sought medical attention several times at a clinic and a hospital. On August 11, infection with measles was confirmed in the case.

As of now, the case has recovered and been removed from isolation. During the case’s incubation period (July 21 and August 1, 2016), he visited Bangkok, Thailand, his maternal grandmother’s house in New Taipei City, and his own house in Hsinchu City. Based on his travel history and the period of stay, it is determined that he contracted measles overseas.

The CDC advises people who visited the following places/times to conduct self-health management for 18 days after the last possible contact with the case:

During the infectious period (August 4 and 12, 2016), besides seeking medical assistance at a clinic and a hospital, the case took the public transportation to a playpark. At 3 pm on August 4, he visited BabyBoss (職業體驗任意城) located on the 7th floor of Living Mall (京華城). During 5:46pm and 6:11pm, he took the High Speed Rail (HSR) Train No. 1545 from Banqiao Station to Hsinchu Station. During 6:17 pm and 6:37 pm on the same day, he took the Taiwan Railway Train No. 1757 from Liujia Station to Hsinchu Station. In addition, during August 7 and 10, he stayed at Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung. During his stay at the hotel, he briefly stopped by the Sky Lounge located on the 20th floor and had breakfast at the restaurant located on the 1st floor of the hotel in the morning of August 8.

If suspected symptoms develop, please put on a mask immediately, seek prompt medical attention and voluntarily notify the physician of relevant exposure history.

Taiwan CDC reminds that vaccination remains the best way to prevent measles.