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In a follow-up on the mystery illness outbreak in Kagera province, Tanzania (computer translated), Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Godwin Mollel on behalf of the Minister of Health has urged the citizens of Kagera Province to follow the instructions of health professionals in their areas to fight against various diseases including explosive diseases.

Dr. Mollel has made the call today March 18, 2023 while speaking to the media after meeting with Health Professionals in the Province to see how best to deal with the outbreak of various explosive diseases.

“Let us continue to urge citizens to follow all the instructions that health professionals give for example in matters of burial, even if the patient has not shown similar symptoms as in the matter of burial to follow them to the professionals and the instructions given by the Ministry of Health. ”

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In addition, Dr. Mollel has congratulated the leadership of Kagera Province for their efforts in fighting various diseases since the emergence of an unknown disease on March 16, 2023 in the province.

In line with that, he has congratulated health workers at all levels, from the provincial level to the university level for how well they continue to fight in service delivery. That is why health is improving.

He also said that the government through the Ministry of Health has planned to ensure the availability of money, equipment, medicines and human resources to ensure the health situation in Kagera Province improves and service delivery improves.