It was a good start for the website, Outbreak News Today, which launched in the Spring of 2014. We covered a great variety of infectious disease and outbreak news–From Ebola to chikungunya to Enterovirus D68 and everything in between.

In this post, I want to recognize the Top 10 stories of the year based on the amount of traffic received starting at number 10.

10. The number 10 story of the year was published in mid-December and pointed out one of the most ludicrous assertions of the anti-vaccine movement- Anti-vaccine website pushes the limits of absurdity suggesting vaccine-homosexuality link


9. During the height of the Ebola frenzy in the US in October, reports from all over the nation came in of possible Ebola cases. One such report was from Kansas City- Suspected Ebola case reported in Kansas City

8. The connection between Enterovirus D68 and the dozens of acute paralysis cases has yet to be determined. Colorado was the hotspot for these cases early on.- Colorado hospital reports 11th child with unexplained paralysis, Enterovirus 68 testing pending

7. Eleven months after the first locally acquired chikungunya cases were seen in the Americas, Mexico reported their first case.- Mexico reports 1st local transmission of chikungunya

6. The summer saw the beginning of the Eetrovirus D68 outbreak in the US. Missouri reported the first cases.- Missouri health officials issue health alert for Enterovirus D68 outbreak

5. Colorado saw more human plague cases than anywhere else in the US. Here is one report-  Colorado: La Plata County reports 2nd plague case this year, this one is septicemic


4. The number four story of 2014 was a guest post by frequent contributor, Mike Coston at Avian Flu Diary. He was one of the first journalist to really look at EV-D68- Enterovirus D-68 (HEV-D68) Update

3. The case of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in New York City in Dr. Craig Spencer drew much media and political attention.- Dr. Craig Spencer remains in serious but stable condition, two Western NY hospitals added to Ebola treatment facility list

2. There were more than 2,000 West Nile virus cases reported in the US in 2014. No other story on WNV caught as much attention as this one from August.- Pennsylvania, New Jersey report first human West Nile virus cases of 2014

1. Drum roll please. The most popular article of 2014 was a little reported story of an accidental dump of concentrated live polio virus solution into a Belgium river by the pharmaceutical giant, GSK- Belgium: Live polio virus solution accidentally released into local water

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