Japanese health officials have seen an increase in about one thousand COVID-19 cases since our last report about one week ago.

Image/Robert Herriman

After reporting a single day record of 243 cases yesterday, the city saw 206 cases Saturday making it three consecutive days with more than 200 cases.

The total cases in Tokyo is now 7,721, while Japan’s total is 21,000, including nearly 1000 deaths.

The rise in cases is forcing policymakers to weigh public health concerns against business closure requests that would risk further damage to the economy.

Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike said an increasing number of new cases in Tokyo are untraceable or asymptomatic.

“But the virus is still spreading and we need residents to understand that, if you feel ill or concerned about your health in any way, it’s for your own good and that of the people around you to seek out medical help.”

Since the central government fully lifted a nationwide state of emergency on May 25, the number of infections has been on an upward trend in the capital.