In a follow-up on the trichinosis outbreak in the town of Canals, Argentina, the outbreak has grown from a several dozen to 232, according to a Telediario Digital report (computer translated).


The Ministry of Health of the Province Zoonoses Program says the majority of cases (169) are from Canals; however, cases were also recorded in Río Cuarto (5), Pueblo Italiano (10), La Cesira (4), Marull (4), Viamonte (22), Alejo Ledesma (5), Benjamín Gould (3), Colonia Bremen (4) ), city of Córdoba (1). Four cases were also recorded in Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe).

In Río Cuarto, three other cases of trichinosis were also detected, which are related to an outbreak in the province of San Luis.

In response to the outbreak, confiscation operations, animal interdictions and gondola food recalls were carried out to prevent further infections.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock intensified controls in shops not only in Canals, but also in nearby towns.

The Ministry of Health continues with epidemiological research aimed at identifying the source of infection and potentially exposed persons, for timely care. Advice is given to local teams and the municipality is being provided with medication for treatments.

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